Tornado Touches Down Near Tenino

Tornado Touches Down Near Tenino
TENINO - Stormy weather brought another twist to western Washington Thursday afternoon with two tornados -- one near Tenino and another near La Center in Clark County north of Vancouver, Washington.

In Tenino, A small tornado took the roof off of a barn, tore up some fencing and scattered some lumber. Meteorologist Jeff Rood of the National Weather Service in Seattle says the tornado was probably on the ground for a minute or two for the distance of a quarter mile.

Kathleeen Macomber of Tenino said she thought she heard what was thunder, so she happened to look outside to see if she could see lightning.

"Lo and behold, I saw a definite funnel cloud and at that time it was taking sheets of metal roofing off the barn next door.

"It went up into the air about 50 to 100 feet and I thought it was moving towards my house so I was a little bit rattled. By the time I looked outside I could see that the metal was landing in the pasture next to us. I could then see the funnel cloud start to fall apart as it was going across the trees that sort of line our backyard.

"It tore off some tree limbs that I can see and according to my husband the neighbor said there was actually wood going through their kitchen from the ceiling, like someone just nailed the wood to their ceiling.

"The sheets of metal were like pieces of paper swirling in the air."

She said everyone was OK.

A second tornado was reported at 4:30 north of La Center, Washington, which is a little ways north of Vancouver. It caused minor damage to a barn, uprooted a small tree and broke small branches. The storm dissipated shortly thereafter and there were no injuries.

It is the fourth and fifth tornado in the past month. There was one in Sumas on April 27, and then one in East Wenatchee and one near Spokane two weeks ago.

Washington averages just one tornado per year somewhere in the state.

Other strong storms carrying heavy rain and occasional lightning were moving through the Puget Sound area by late evening. The showers were to decrease later in the night.