Another Day, Another Tornado

Another Day, Another Tornado
SEATTLE - The recent rash of tornadoes and funnel clouds in our state continued through this weekend.

The latest tornado, according to the National Weather Service, hit just after 3 o'clock on Sunday. It first touched down in Oregon, then skipped across the Columbia River and jumped back on land in Cowlitz County knocking down a tree before falling apart.

The National Weather Service also confirms a funnel cloud near Stanwood on Saturday did touch down...officially making it a tornado.

Fernando Meza grabbed his camera, jumped out of his car and shot video of the twister.

"As I looked closer it was actually spinning and it was coming down and it was actually bouncing above the tree lines," he told KOMO 4 News, "and I thought - 'Oh boy that's a funnel cloud, or it could be actually a tornado.' "

The twisters and funnel clouds we've been seeing are nothing like those that hit the Midwest.

A tornado in Kansas last month ripped an empty house to shreds and tossed it into the air.

And while Midwest tornadoes can top 250 miles per hour, twisters in Washington are typically in the 60-to-70 mile per hour range.

They're classified as F0's (on a scale of 0-to-5), the weakest tornados, but they can still do some damage.

A tornado shredded a barn roof in Tenino just a few weeks ago.

And while the National Weather Service tells us there's no obvious reasons why we're seeing so many funnel clouds and tornadoes this year, they continue to surprise the people who've keep seeing them over and over again.

"Well, it was pretty weird to see here in Washington," Fernando Meza said, "I mean I've seen those in Oklahoma and Texas, but seeing them here in Washington is a little unusual."