Sweatin' To The 90s

Sweatin' To The 90s
SEATTLE - Snap, Crackle, Pop.

No, not the sound of your morning cereal, but more so what your skin probably feels like if you've been outside today as western Washington races toward some of the hottest temperatures in 6 years.

A very strong thermal trough is pulling a lot of hot, dry air from the east which has two effects.

One, it holds back the cool marine breezes from pushing inland and two, as that air from the east sinks down the Cascades, it gets even hotter. Considering it'll be in the mid-upper 80s even up at Snoqualmie Pass today, that gives you a hint as to what's coming here.

Highs across western Washington were solidly in the mid-upper 90s, and many viewers e-mailed unofficial reports (like bank signs and home thermometers) that had readings in the triple digits. Seattle's high was 96 while Tacoma was at 97 and Bremerton was sizzling at 99 degrees. Further south, Portland and Vancouver hit 103 and Shelton hit 100.

Even the usually-cool coast was baking in the low-mid 90s. Forks and Hoquiam hit 93 each.

The record high for Seattle on July 23 was 99 degrees -- the second warmest day ever -- so that was going to be tough and it will live for another year.

And on the flip side, it also keeps it quite warm at night, making sleeping quite the challenge. So far for Friday, the low for the day is 68 degrees. If it stays warmer than that through the end of the day, it will tie the record for the warmest night in Seattle history.

All this said, mid 90s in Seattle aren't too unheard of -- Seattle averages a day at 95 or warmer every other year. But we are due -- we haven't been that hot since that 97 degree day in 1998.

And the heat won't let up Saturday, but it shouldn't be quite as hot now. Check the KOMO Weather Center for the latest forecast, which has highs now in the low-mid 90s instead of mid-upper 90s.

More cooling will gradually work its way inland, so that by Sunday, the Puget Sound area will drop into the low-mid 80s, and then into the 70s for Monday, which most people will think is just GRRRRRRRREAT!

Stay cool out there!