Does It Work? Lens Scratch Repair Kits

Does It Work? Lens Scratch Repair Kits
SEATTLE - Can a $15 solution hold the secret to scratch-free lenses on your eyeglasses?

Commercials for scratch repair kits claim to remove the surface scratches on your sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses -- even scratched up crystals on your watch.

We paid just over $16 including sales tax and found a volunteer to put it to the test.

Local Realtor Michael Valiente was actually volunteered by his family because he not only wears glasses, he's seen the commercials for the scratch repair kits and was curious.

The one we bought is called "Lens Dr." The box says it "Instantly Removes Surface Scratches from Prescription Glasses, Sunglasses, Watch Crystals and Work Goggles!"

"I'm skeptical about it," Valiente said. "It's a scratch. Seems to me you'd have to polish the glass."

Right out of the gate, we have problems. One of the bottles in the sealed plastic bag has been leaking for who knows how long.

The instructions are not only wet, the pages are stuck together. We do our best to peel the pages apart and figure out the 2-step process.

"Step one cleans. It's a cleaning solution and step 2 is a treatment solution," he said.

By now, Michael's so skeptical he doesn't want his glasses to be the guinea pig. So I brought along a pair of my old glasses and they are really scratched.

You can even see some of the scratches through our camera.

First step, spray the cleaning solution on the lenses, spread it over the lens with your finger, and wipe clean with the soft cloth in the kit.

Step two, apply the treatment solution. It's kind of like painting with a Q-tip. This presumably fills in the scratches.

Once the lens is evenly covered, let it dry.

As for how my glasses ended up: The treatment seems to make the scratches a little less visible but there's a glossy film.

Our skeptic says it might be fine in a pinch.... for someone else.

"But not my glasses," Michael said. "My glasses are very important to me, so I would probably not do that on my glasses."

Michael says leave it to the eyeglass professionals. And guess what the professionals told me?

We contacted a local optometrist and a major specialty eyeglass retailer and both had the same response -- they don't do scratch repair. There's no such animal.

They say the products being marketed are temporary fillers at best, but the ultimate solution to scratched lenses is new lenses.