Just Another Soggy Sunday

Just Another Soggy Sunday
SHORELINE - City sidewalks...soggy sidewalks?

Rain is nothing new in the Seattle area, but when it comes in August and it packs the punch that this storm did, even the most seasoned residents can get caught by surprise.

Rain-soaked streets stranded drivers and made a mess of driving conditions all around Puget Sound.

In addition, wet weather was a major headache for crews laying new concrete on northbound I-405. The resurfacing project shut down the freeway for the weekend, but rain hampered the work.

"We were going to do this in September or October," said Dave Becher with the Department of Transportation, "but decided there was too much rain, so we put it into August."

So much for that plan.

Crews did manage to get the bulk of the work done before the rain came, and add the damp won't put too much of a damper on plans.

"We should be open for certain by 5 a.m., maybe sooner, maybe even late tonight we'll be open," Becher said.

For a Shoreline family, when it rains it pours -- literally. The Delavallades have an indoor swimming pool now, like it or not.

"It was about 6 inches, I went out to move the cars to the driveway, by the time I got back in the house it was 3 feet," said Duane Delavallade.

He says drainage problems in his neighborhood make this mess a regular occurrence.

At a Bellevue chalk art project, The rain's given an artist chalk rendition of Romeo and Juliet something to really cry about.

"It's terrible," said one admirer. "We saw it (Saturday) and this particular piece was so beautiful, beautiful."

But now there's not a dry eye in the place now that the Chalk Walk started to run.

"I don't know what kind of artist would let it get ruined after all of this work," the admirer said.

All of the work dealing with this watery mess should keep city crews busy as they clear out storm drains and clean up streets, making life easier for commuters who are ready to see the rain, rain, go away.

But the forecast this week calls for more rain at times. Chalk it up to paying for our sunshine, I guess.