Swedish At Forefront Of New ICU Technology

Swedish At Forefront Of New ICU Technology »Play Video
SEATTLE - There's exciting new technology to save lives in the hospital, and Seattle's Swedish Medical Center is the first in the Northwest to try it out.

Swedish's Dr. Curtis Veal, Jr. can monitor 44 patients in the intensive care unit thanks to new technology called 'eICU.'

With the click of a mouse, Dr. Veal can see into every room, access patients' medical charts, examine x-rays and more--all without leaving the chair at the eICU center.

The computer system also alerts the doctor whenever a patient's health status changes. It shows the physician exactly what went wrong when it happens.

In short, doctors describe this as a potentially life-saving feature.

"The nurses call me and I can see the patient from this monitor and all the information I need comes up," Dr. Veal Jr. said. "It helps me tremendously in the response that I give."

During overnight hours when ICU nurses monitor multiple patients, the system serves as the eyes and ears of the doctor. If an emergency happens, the doctor in the center can tell nurses exactly what to do, saving the patient precious time.

Despite the incredible convenience and reliability of eICU, doctors say the system is not a substitute for one-on-one personal healthcare. It's simply an extra layer of protection that healthcare providers can give their most critical patients.

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