The Grinch Has His Head Where?

The Grinch Has His Head Where? »Play Video
SEATTLE - Sidney Stock is a Bellevue chiropractor.

My Christmas wish for Mr. Stock is that one of his colleagues can fix his back problem - the one resulting from his head being so far up his butt!

Stock and his wife, who apparently suffers from the same back affliction, marched into Bellevue City Hall this week to complain about the Christmas tree in the lobby.

The Stock's say they're offended by the tree as it has connections to Christmas, a Christian-based holiday don't you know.

There was a lot of blah blah blah from the Stocks about being atheists, and how blah blah blah they speak for many, but in the end Bellevue city officials said that, with court decisions on their side, not only does the tree stay, it'll be back again next year!

Way to go Bellevue!!

So, Mr. and Mrs. Stock: Merry Christmas - and I hope those back problems get better real soon.

One other Christmas Grinch-type note: Safeway has decided to keep a bunch of their stores open on Christmas Day.


Well, I say greed.

Safeway says it's about better reflecting a diverse society.


Nothing says "diverse" more than making people work on Christmas Day!

You know, I bet the Stocks shop at Safeway.

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