Too Racy For Seattle TV?

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SEATTLE - A local man is fighting for the right to show X-rated adult films on Seattle-area television.

The cable access channel wants Mike Aivaz off the air, for good. His show, "The Mike Hunt Show," airs early in the morning on cable channel 77.

For the fifth time in eight years, someone's trying to shut him down.

"This is very frustrating. What they're accusing me of is a crime," said Aivaz. "If you knowingly distribute obscenity in your community, you're committing a crime."

"This is a community channel not the porn channel as many of our colleagues and viewers label us," explained Ann Suter, director of the channel.

Both Suter and Aivaz pleaded their case to a community review board, which will decide if his show meets the legal definition of obscenity. If so, they can kick him off the air.

"I found the content consisted only of sexual arousal and intercourse," said Suter.

Aivaz defended his show saying, "I show two people reaching out to share pleasure, and you want to look at me and say that's obscene... I show normal, healthy adults, doing normal healthy adult activities."

For eight years, Aivaz has produced his shows known for nakedness, live sex acts, porn clips, and drug use. His main defense to stay on-air is that you can see everything on his show all around our community in videos and magazines, so it can't be obscene.

But that's also his opponent's argument: you can get it elsewhere, it doesn't belong on cable access TV.

The review panel has a week to decide.