Confederate Veteran's Memorial Vandalized

Confederate Veteran's Memorial Vandalized
SEATTLE - You might not have realized it, but there is a Confederate Veteran's Memorial in Seattle.

And someone just discovered it and ripped it apart.

It has stood at the Lakeview Cemetery on Capitol Hill for 80 years. But, two weeks ago, someone pried off a bronze cross, a Confederate seal and a bronze portrait of Robert E. Lee.

Civil War Buff Jeff Rundell visited it to see the damage.

"Being a Civil War buff, I'm no fan of the Confederacy and what they fought for, but I think it is appalling to desecrate a monument for any reason," he said.

Marjorie Reeves takes it personally.

"It's my history," she says.

She moved here from Alabama and is President of the local Daughters of the Confederacy. She's not entirely surprised by what happened, since it was also vandalized 18 years ago.

"This state has been less friendly than any state I've lived in."

No one knows if the vandals were targeting the memory of the Confederate Army or thought they could make money. Marjorie thinks the bronze pieces wouldn't be worth much, but they are valuable to Seattle.

"There's 11 Confederate veterans buried there, and all of them lived here and raised their families here. It is local history."

Police say they have nothing to go on. Marjorie hopes someone will return the bronze plates on their own.