Gnome-Nappers Come Out Of Hiding

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NEW YORK CITY - Three college students from Redmond are going public with the crazy tale of their gnome-napping. And they admit, they are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.

Earlier this week KOMO 4 News told you the story of Marianne Severson's beloved garden gnome who was swiped right from her front yard. (click here for previous story)

Her gnome went on a wild spring break adventure and came home with a scrapbook documenting his fun.

We didn't know exactly who abducted him until now. His friendly kidnappers -- Kelly Keaton, Connor Glassy and Mike Estes -- shared their story on ABC's Good Morning America.

The trio explained how it all started when they decided to take a fourth friend on their spring break. They had a rental van with unlimited miles, and they needed to find the perfect travel buddy to join their fun.

"You find an old people's community and you just drive around and eventually you find one that looks awesome!" said Keaton.

Severson's gnome caught their eye.

The smiling little guy went from the comfort of his front yard to the arms of a snake charmer in San Francisco. Next he met an Elvis impersonator and a look-alike Marilyn Monroe in Las Vegas. He also posed with four Hooters waitresses, much to Severson's shock.

The four amigos also made a stop in Hollywood and the gnome posed on Bing Crosby's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

The highlight of the gnome's trip came at a gas station in Hollywood.

"We saw a bunch of paparazzi at a gas station so we pulled in and out walked Paris Hilton!" said Glassy. "I walked up to her with the gnome and she took a picture with it and she giggled and said 'that's hot!' ."

Glassy admits it was nerve wracking to approach the hotel heiress.

"I'll tell you my legs were shaking when I was standing there with her," he said.

The paparazzi thought it made a cute shot and next thing the boys knew People Magazine published a picture of Hilton at that gas station, holding the traveling gnome.

The caption in the magazine read "Simple Life star Paris Hilton shows off two new friends; a palm sized pup and a very flaky gnome."

When the trip was over the guys returned the little gnome to Severson with that scrapbook of photos.

Severson had a good attitude about the whole thing and giggled when KOMO 4 News put her on the phone with Glassy.

"That was so slick I have to hand it to you. What a stunt!" she laughed. "Next time you go on spring break would you take my husband and I instead of my gnome?"

The boys have something up their sleeve. "We have been working on some stuff," said Keaton with a sly grin. "We are going to try and surprise her with a trip if we can work that out."

The guys admit this all started because they were really, really bored at home in Renton.