Local Man Says Mayor In Sex Scandal Hit On Him

Local Man Says Mayor In Sex Scandal Hit On Him
KING COUNTY - Two men from Seattle are making new allegations against the Mayor of Spokane, in a sex abuse scandal reported by a Spokane newspaper earlier this week.

The original article tells the story of two men who say Mayor Jim West molested them when they were young boys.

Mayor West categorically denies the allegations, but he does not deny having "relationships" with men.

After the report was published, two men contacted the Spokane paper with new accusations that are now surfacing.

Both men live in Seattle, but one of them is only referred to as "Scott" in the article to remain anonymous. The other, Brad Crelia, spoke out to KOMO 4 News about his story.

"It's disturbing when a man in his 50's asks a 16-year-old to go hang out and do whatever," explained Crelia, who said he was shocked by West. "It was very awkward, especially in my high school!" Crelia was a high school freshman at the time and Jim West was a State Senator.

The openly gay 19-year-old now accuses Spokane's mayor of making a pass at him.

Crelia said "he was just, 'do you want to go get coffee and maybe go talk about a couple of things?' and I thought it was just innocent. I said no, and turned him down, and I tried to be polite because he's a senator. (Then) he asked in really a sexual way, 'do you want to go do anything else... anything else?' "

Crelia contacted the Spokane newspaper with his story on the same day another man claims he was sexually abused in 1980 when West and one of his friends took him out on a hiking trip around Mount Rainier.

"Scott", who was 12-years-old at the time, claims that he was molested in a tent by David Hahn, a fellow Spokane County Sheriff's deputy with West.

Scott explained to the Spokane paper he told Jim West that David Hahn had molested him the night before, but he claims West responded to him that he should "forget about it."

Spokane City Council member Cherie Rodgers said, "I think that probably more young people - or middle aged people - will come forward," calling this only the tip of the iceberg.

It's an embarrassment to Spokane's image, according to Council President Dennis Hession "Certainly, this kind of publicity has the potential of tarnishing our image," he said.

"He abused his power and he did something that is wrong," argued Crelia, who thinks Mayor Jim West should resign.

In light of these allegations, Spokane's Mayor chose not to take part in the city's annual Junior Lilac Day parade. It's an event every mayor typically attends.