Funnel Cloud Spotted Near Yakima

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YAKIMA - When you glance out your window in spring, you probably expect to see trees, cars, perhaps a bird or two.

But imagine the shock when people between Union Gap and Yakima glanced out their windows and saw this -- a funnel cloud drifting by overhead.

It was around noon Monday when a strong thunderstorm was in the area, and sure enough, the funnel cloud was picked up by National Weather Service radar, prompting them to issue a tornado warning.

So far, two people have e-mailed us with photographs of the funnel cloud as it danced in the skies overhead. But there was no reports of the funnel ever reaching the ground, thus this is not considered a tornado.

There were no reports of damage or injuries. Witnesses said it was visible for just a few minutes before it disappeared back into the clouds.

Washington averages just one tornado somewhere in the state per year.

Urban Flooding A Problem Too

In addition to the funnel clouds, the thunderstorms in the area are also bringing very heavy rain.

Our sister station in Yakima, KIMA-TV, reports the Yakima Police Department is advising people to avoid downtown Yakima due to urban flooding.

Run off from the storm is flooding small creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots.