'It's A Viable Fuel'

'It's A Viable Fuel'
SEATTLE - Chances are you've heard of soybean-based "Biodiesel" but the high price per gallon may have kept you away. But now the nearly emission-free fuel is finally competitively priced.

About 2,000 people in the Seattle area fill their diesel engines with Biodiesel, but that number could easily double this summer. New filling stations, like one behind University Village in Seattle, are popping up all over.

"I think it's time people have a different choice, it's a viable fuel," says Tom Marier of Laurelhurst Oil.

But Marier has another reason to try Biodiesel: the price. Right now, you're paying about $2.79 for a gallon of diesel in the greator Seattle area. The price of Biodiesel at this station is $2.96 per gallon.

Rob Elam of Seattle-based Propel Fuels says the price gap between fossil and alternative fuel is now just over a dime.

"As we get the price competitive with regular diesel, I think we'll open it up to a whole new category of users," Elam told KOMO News.

Contractor Mickey McAloon uses Biodiesel in all his rigs. Is there a performance difference?

"I have not noticed in all the times we've worked with it," McAloon says. However, those who sell the fuel often advise customers to check with their vehicles maker before using 100% Biodiesel.

The big oil companies may be doing themselves a huge disservice by keeping fossil fuel prices so high. Elam says the narrow price difference has the potential to convert tons of diesel owners.

Using Biodiesel doesn't require any engine modifications. You just put the soybean-based fuel in your diesel engine, and drive away. The only emission appears to be the smell of popcorn as you motor down the freeway.

"When have you ever had a chance to say 'no' to foreign oil, or 'no' to gasoline?" Elam asks.

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