Another Day, Another Scorcher

Another Day, Another Scorcher
SEATTLE - It's another day of records for the Puget Sound area. Aside from record high temperatures, I think I set a Seattle record for the largest iced coffee -- filled to brim of a 32 oz cup. (Try and top that at your own risk. You might not sleep until Sunday.)

A very strong thermal trough is still around, still providing a very warm and dry easterly flow into the area. As we said before, not only does it clear the skies to a brilliant shade of blue, but it also warms up as the air sinks down the western slopes of the Cascades.

And sink and warm it did. Seattle's high Friday was 89 -- good enough to break the record for the second straight day (Today's record high was 86.) And temperatures were in the low-mid 90s away from Puget Sound and as you get closer to the Cascade foothills. (Also, 92 in Olympia, 91 in Shelton and 89 in Renton, but only 83 in Everett.)

The hot weather prompted the first ever HEAT HEALTH ADVISORY for the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area Friday.

It's not that it's never been this hot before (although you have to admit, sunny weather going into a three-day weekend would seem a record in itself), but this is the first year Seattle has joined with 13 other cities in the National Weather Service's Heat Advisory System.

An average of three or four heat-related fatalities occur in the Seattle area during a typical summer. More lives are at risk during abnormally hot summers, such as in 1992 when 50 to 60 people died.

"Heat is a health hazard in the Seattle area and this new Heat/Health Watch Warning System provides tailored excessive heat information specific to our area," said Ted Buehner, warning coordination meteorologist of the Seattle office. "People are acclimated to a more temperate climate and when it gets unseasonably hot, many people suffer, especially since air conditioning in residences is rare."

More information on the current advisory here, and general information on the advisory here.

If you're looking for tips to stay cool, here's a good Web site we found.

I'll add in one of my own -- I keep a spray bottle full of water around and just spray myself a few times every so often. The air is dry enough here that the water evaporates and cools you off (do not try this in the humid Southeast.)

That, and keep an iced mocha nearby, just maybe not 32 oz worth...

The good news is, cooling is on the way. The marine air has already made it to the south Washington coast, and will move north along the coast through the day. Some of that marine air will trickle inland Friday night, which will work to cool us off about 7-12 degrees for Saturday, where highs will be in the upper 70s to mid 80s.

A stronger push of marine air is expected Saturday night, getting us back into the comfortable range for Sunday and Monday, with perhaps brief morning clouds before the sunshine returns. You can read the full forecast in the KOMO Weather Center.

And if you're curious how hot it is outside right now, check this link.

In the meantime, stay cool out there.