I'm All For This 'Cover Up'

I'm All For This 'Cover Up'
SEATTLE - [Editor's Note: Ken has since written a follow-up to this commentary. You can read it here].

It was called a "nurse-in."

150 breastfeeding moms showed up outside ABC studios in Manhattan to protest something said by Barbara Walters.

And just what did she say?

Only that sitting next to a woman breastfeeding her baby on an airplane - no cover, no nothing! - made her uncomfortable.

Now, I know we're supposed to be living in an enlightened society and all, but I'll tell you what: When some woman sitting next to you pops it out and starts suckling little Johnny or Suzie, I think it makes MOST people uncomfortable!

Yeah, I know.

It's natural.

Well, so is urinating, but most folks don't up and pee in a glass jar in the middle of the mall.

Maybe women in general are more OK with breastfeeding in public (though many women tell me no they are not).

But for guys, it is nigh on impossible to switch from breasts as something sexual to breasts as take-out-food.

The "lactavists" who showed up outside ABC to boldly feed their children said their point was that women shouldn't be discouraged from breast feeding.


But that doesn't mean new moms should feel encouraged to forget all about modesty, while expecting everyone around them to just go with the flow.

You can see the video of his commentary in Windows Media format via this link.

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