Modesty Is A Moot Point

Modesty Is A Moot Point
SEATTLE - So, I guess modesty is a moot point.

When it comes to breast-feeding in public, demure is defunct.

I've gotten over a thousand e-mails and I'm still counting.

Pretty much, I'm getting hammered for saying that women could, and should, be more modest when breast-feeding in public. (See earlier commentary at this link.)

After reading all the e-mails -- and I do mean all of them -- I can conclude that most people don't care if women who nurse their children in public don't care if they're not discreet while doing so.

Some of the most repeated adjectives used to describe me and my opinion: misogynist, neanderhtal, sexist, dolt, the now-famous "idiot" and - of course - the ever popular "boob."

From Rachel Tarbutton: "You are the most ignorant man alive."

Sarah Lamb: "You are the biggest pig I've ever come across...Men like you disgust all women."

Denine Scallen: "If you don't want to see it, don't look!"

Ariana Herrman: "You're an 'ignoranus': not only ignorant, but an anus."

David, Karrin and Luisa Bianchi: "Shame on you for the harm you've done babies who will not be breast-fed because (of you).

Suzanna Westhagen: "You should be ashamed of your stupid views and keep your mouth shut."

Marti Wolszcak: "What are women to do? Hide in closets until the baby weans?"

And from Luanne Brown: "May a thousand hungry, howling babies haunt your dreams."

Well, goodnight all. And thanks for writing.

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