Puppies Found Neglected

Puppies Found Neglected
EVERETT - Firefighters found a dozen neglected puppies during a routine fire call for a pan of bacon burning on a stovetop.

When firefighters went inside, they found the dogs living in horrible conditions.

The dogs were all packed into one plastic dog carrier. One animal control officer described it as "deplorable conditions."

"When they were brought into us they were all filthy," said Mel Jones the manager of the PAWS animal shelter in Lynnwood. "They were all covered in their own feces and my understanding is they were all kept in one crate."

PAWS took in the wayward puppies and gave them baths, food and water Friday afternoon.

Veterinarians said the litter was in pretty good shape considering what they had been through.

"You can see their rib cage which indicates they are thin," said Jones. "Their bellies are bloated which could indicate some worms or intestinal parasites. They probably need a good de-worming."

Police and animal control officers questioned the woman who owned the puppies. She could be cited for animal neglect. She was also put on notice by child protective services because a 4-year-old child lived in the apartment, which firefighters said was filled with animal feces and urine.

All 12 puppies will be placed up for adoption once they are given a clean bill of health.