Time For Patients To Do A Little 'Ho, Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha'

Time For Patients To Do A Little 'Ho, Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha' »Play Video
SEATTLE - I'm not kidding.

We'd just turned on our camera and she was laughing. 'She' is Michele Caskey, a laugh club leader.

They weren't. Not at the beginning. But they would.

'They' are patients at Seattle's Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center.

"I was not laughing before I came over here,'' says Linda Dee, a breast cancer survivor.

Michele Caskey sat at the end of the table, on the verge of laughing when she told the patients. "The more we can make ourselves laugh, the more things are funny," says Caskey. And then she laughed. And so did the others.

Laughter is contagious. It gets the blood pumping. There are physical benefits. It helps the immune system. And for cancer patients like Linda Dee, it helps with the fight.

Laugh leader Michele Caskey got everyone to act silly and laugh. In between laughs, I asked Susan Fauska how laughter helps her.

"I believe in laughter. I have trouble laughing lately because of the stresses. It's been a rough two and half years. I have cancer now from the breast into the lung," says Fauska.

The laughter Club meets once a week at the Cancer Clinic.

It's a time for patients to do a little "Ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha!"

For one hour they laughed. And they laughed hard. If we could only laugh like this every day. And many times a day!

Laugh Clubs or Laugh Yoga, as it's sometimes called, are springing up all over the country.

The Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center started offering the Laugh Club to its patients a year and a half ago.

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