It's About People, Not Politics

It's About People, Not Politics
SEATTLE - I'll be blunt.

I've never had high expectations of President Bush's leadership.

But then I never expected he'd be completely worthless at a time when the country needed him most.

I'm just not up to being polite after so many days of watching the inept, incompetent and insensitive government reaction to the deplorable conditions in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Days of doctors begging for generators and fuel to keep hospital patients alive; days of people abandoned without food and water; days were thugs and criminals were allowed to gain a violent foothold in the midst of chaos and despair; days where the sick lay dying and the dead lay untended.

And what was the initial White House response to concern that there were too many days with too little help?

It was: Don't turn this into something political.

Excuse me?

What a profusely pitiful attitude.

This isn't about politics. It's about people.

And it's about a Bush administration that doesn't know the difference.

It's about a President who doesn't have the ability to lead a nation in a time of crisis and catastrophe.

I honestly didn't think that George Bush could disappoint America more than he already has.

I was wrong.