High School Rivalry Gets Out Of Hand

High School Rivalry Gets Out Of Hand »Play Video
BOTHELL - Police in Bothell say a high school rivalry got way out of hand.

Hundreds of students from Inglemoor and Bothell High Schools were involved in a brawl caught on videotape before a football game Friday night.

Kids from both high schools had gathered for the 'Boomer Bowl' -- an annual tradition of touch football before the real football game that night.

We're told these brawls went on for hours, with students punching and kicking one another.

Northshore School District officials say the video, which was shot by a student, shows the students involved in a vicious fist fight on a playfield in Bothell.

"It was upsetting for the school principal," said district spokeswoman Susan Stolzfus. "We're not sure how the students feel, but I hope at this point in retrospect they feel they made some bad choices."

The student who taped the fight apparently edited the footage with music and captions and was showing it off at school.

The district says it can't take any disciplinary action because the fight did not take place on school grounds.

Parents of the students involved are being notified and the tape has been turned over to the Bothell Police Department. But police can't really do anything about what they see unless someone comes forward to file an assault complaint.