Steamed At New Espresso Machine

Steamed At New Espresso Machine
SEATTLE - Maybe I'm over-reacting.

Here's the deal: Washington State is planning to open a latte stand inside the McNeil Island penitentiary.

You heard me right: A "give me a double tall mocha with extra foam" latte stand for the inmates.

Can someone - PLEASE - tell me what the hell the bozos in Olympia are thinking?

The Department of Corrections says it's 'thinking' that the latte stand will make a fine addition to its vocational training program.

Well, that may be what the D.O.C. says, but I say this is one of the dumbest damn ideas I've come across!

What's next? TIVO to go along with the cable TV in the cells?

Look, I get it that the thousands of dollars spent on a commercial grade espresso machine will eventually come to make money.

But if making money legitimizes everything, might as well train women inmates over in Purdy to give massage - then open up a felon's "Tub and Rub" parlor at McNeil, or maybe up in Monroe.

You can bet that'd bring in a buck or two!

No, the real issue here is the image of a warm and fuzzy prison system where rapists and murderers get to sip lattes and munch on scones.

And I'll tell you: It's an image that genuinely ticks me off.

But, like I said: Maybe you think I'm just over-reacting.

Or maybe you agree.

If you do, let the good folks at the Department of Corrections in on how you feel.

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