We Know Stadium Hot Dogs Are Expensive, But $2,000?

We Know Stadium Hot Dogs Are Expensive, But $2,000? »Play Video
ARLINGTON - Whoever dreamed a hot dog would generate worldwide interest? Or that a snack from last week's Seahawks game would sell for hundreds - maybe even thousands or dollars?

This wiener at the center of the frenzy is raking in international interest. People from Chile, Canada, and the U.S. coast to coast are bidding for the chance to take it home.

"Crazy! There's been a lot of people looking at it," laughed Matt Allison, one of the sellers.

In Arlington, Allison, Stacey Houtary and another friend decided to buy the super dog at the game and put it on eBay as a "100-percent authentic hot dog" from the NFC Seahawks Championship game.

There's proof too: Pictures of the dog at the counter, the concession stand menu, the score of the game when they bought the hot dog and of course the stadium at moment Seahawk fans started celebrating the big win.

"You know, anything is possible. That's what I keep telling myself. Obviously -- I've got a hotdog on eBay," joked Houtary.

We saw the possibilities in just one hour. The hot diggity dog generated over 900 hits, taking it to a total of more than 11,000 online looky-loos.

By late Thursday evening, the $5 dollar dog was going for more than $2,000.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Allison. "I've seen a lot of stuff sell on eBay, but never a hotdog."

One bidder has already vowed if he wins, he'll eat it. But there's still a whole week of bidding left to 'Ketchup.' Who knows how high it will go? Maybe enough to pay expenses to an upcoming game.

"Detroit! That's all we've got going for us right now. Detroit -- how awesome would that be?!," said an excited Houtary.

Now that, they would relish.

You can see the listing on eBay.