Does It Work? Pet Groom Pro

Does It Work? Pet Groom Pro
SEATTLE - Wouldn't it be great to be able to clean and groom your dog or cat with a special brush instead of giving them baths all the time?

According to the commercials, a $10 brush called Pet Groom Pro has ions inside that cleans your dog as you brush, like a waterless bath. Our Does It Work? volunteers put it to the test.

Two Dogs And A Baby

Busy mom Teresa Olsen has her hands full with a 7-month-old baby boy and two ful- grown labs- Abby, a yellow lab and a black lab named Bailey.

"We usually wash them once every 2 weeks after they go to the dog park and brush them with a wire brush," said Teresa.

The commercial says the Pet Groom Pro bathes your pet in cleansing ions instead of soap and water.

"Its remarkable ionic grooming power emits millions of cleansing ions that neutralize odor-causing bacteria and impurities as you brush!" the commercial says. It uses a 9-volt battery and you're supposed to brush your pet with the Pet Groom Pro for 5 minutes every day. Teresa inserted the battery and turned it on.

"You can hear, like, a little noise," she said about the barely audible buzz.

Abby's first in line. Teresa follows the instructions, brushing like she normally does with downward strokes. She brushes. And brushes....

"There's no fur," she said, expecting to see logs of Abby's shedding hair come out like it normally does when she brushes.

"Let's see what happens with Bailey here," she says, calling the black lab.

Teresa brushed both dogs and got considerably less hair in the brush than she normally would. In fact, there was barely any hair at all until she decided to go against the grain and use upward brush strokes.

She did notice the brush drew out more dirty water from Abby's belly when she brushed while Abby was standing, and there was another glimmer of hope. The main pitch with this product is it cleans your pet, like a waterless bath.

"It is softer, it feels cleaner," she said, as she continued to brush Bailey.

After quite a bit of brushing, she ended up with very little of the dogs' hair in the brush, but the dogs loved it. Teresa's overall impression however, was less than enthusiastic.

"I think you'd get the same results with a regular old generic brush if you brush 5 minutes a day with this, or a regular brush," she said.

Other Consumers, Other Reviews

Other consumers give Pet Groom Pro the same review as Teresa -- a thumbs down. They say ions may do something, but any animal is going to be cleaner and shed less if you brush it 5 minutes every day.

Unbeknownst to Teresa, members of her family had already tried it.

"It turns out my father bought got one a while ago," Teresa told us by phone after she talked to her parents. She said her parents used Pet Groom Pro on their small dog for quite a while, then stopped, after determining it made no difference.

But Hazel of Bothell e-mailed us after this report first aired and she's a believer.

"It is not for getting rid of the dog hair but to get rid of the smell. I have two labs and when they have been outside playing and come in SMELLY I can use this brush and it get rid of the smell," she writes.

"My baby lab (1year old) has never had a bath. I get gobs of hair with the regular brush and get rid of the smell with the other brush."

If you're inclined to try it, save money and don't buy it online. You can find the Pet Groom Pro at discount retail and drug stores that carry "As Seen On TV" products - such as Fred Meyer, Walgreen's and Bartell's.