Steelers Get Ring, We Get The Finger

Steelers Get Ring, We Get The Finger
SEATTLE - A few of my colleagues here in the KOMO 4 newsroom have proclaimed that I'm a sore loser.

Not withstanding the fact that they're 'Stealer' fans, they're right.

The way I figure it, Sunday's Super Bowl score should have been 21-14, Seahawks.

That's what it would have been except for the 'Stealers' ' secret weapon: The officials.

I sure hope someone is checking referee Bill Leavy's bank account today.

The way he called the game Sunday, I'm surprised that when it was all over, he didn't run up to the camera to exclaim: "I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD, 'CAUSE NOW I OWN IT!"

The Seahawks would have been better off if Stevie Wonder had been given a striped shirt and whistle so that he could call the game, leaving Bill Leavy to sing "My Cherie Amore."

Sour grapes?

You know it.

Sure, mistakes made by the Seahawks kept them from scoring more, but the unbelievably bad calls from Bill Leavy and crew stole away all the points that were needed to win.

The 'Stealers' say they wanted one more win"...for the thumb."

In the process, the Seahawks just got the finger.

So, when those folks I work with call me a sore loser, the only retort I have for them is: Damn Right!

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