Man Captured After Double Shooting

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PIERCE COUNTY - Two women are critically injured, a 5-year-old boy was shot, and a man was robbed at gunpoint.

Pierce County Detectives say Eddie Crumble robbed, shot, and intimidated his way in and around Tacoma. And now they believe he tried to murder two women to keep one from testifying against him.

By daylight Thursday morning, the bloody handprints on the stair rail on the door of a Tacoma apartment tell a story of desperation. Police say 18-year-old Shadaya Denegal was shot in the head, but still ran to her upstairs neighbors screaming for help.

Inside, her mother, 45-year-old Shonda Denegal was also shot in the head and critically injured.

"She heard the screams and the gunshots," says neighbor Matt Rutledge.

Shonda is a mental health technician at Western State Hospital, where co-workers are shocked at the news. Shadaya is a senior at Spanaway Lake High School.

Police believe Eddie Crumble shot both women. Crumble is a two-strikes convict -- his street name is "Stack" and police say he's deep into gang life.

They were looking for him for other crimes: A drive-by shooting last month where a 5-year-old was shot in the leg while he was sleeping, and an armed robbery around the same time.

Police believe Crumble shot the women because Shadaya could have been a witness against him in those earlier crimes.

Rutledge thinks he's seen Crumble at the apartments before. "He didn't act violent or nothing, just walked around with the daughter."

Police say Crumble showed up at a hilltop Tacoma home early Thursday morning. Two hours later, the SWAT team convinced him to give himself up.

"And this is definitely somebody who is very callous, shot at women, children, randomly into houses," says Pierce County Sheriff's Detective Ed Troyer, "definitely someone who needs to be put away forever."

With two violent convictions to his record, if Crumble is convicted in this latest crime spree, he would go to prison for life.

Both women were taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center in critical condition. But because of hospital privacy laws, and also because of concern about their security, no additional information is being released.