Brrrr! Western Washington Goes Into Deep Freeze

Brrrr! Western Washington Goes Into Deep Freeze
SEATTLE - Mix clear skies with a hint of arctic air and low humidities, combine with semi-calm winds, and you have a classic recipe for cold air around here. And boy did Mother Nature deliver!

Temperatures Saturday morning were in the teens and low 20s for most folks -- although we did get a few unofficial reports of temperatures in the single digits.

Here's a list of low temperatures from around the area;

First, the official ones:

Arlington: 12
Bremerton: 16
Bellevue: 19
Oak Harbor: 20
Port Angeles: 20
Shelton: 21
Seattle (Sand Point): 21
Everett: 22
Seattle (Sea-Tac): 23

And here's some unofficial ones from people's home weather stations:

Marysville: 6
Onalaska: 7
Rainier: 8
Sedro-Woolley: 10
Adna: 12
Seabeck: 13
Renton: 16
Fall City: 16

On the other hand, some other cities didn't have quite all the ingredients -- namely, still-breezy winds. That kept the temperatures up there, and spots like Olympia (26), Tacoma (28) and Bellingham (28) didn't get nearly as cold.

One other thing -- we've had some people wondering why, if it's so cold, they didn't have to scrape ice off windshields Saturday morning or be too concerned with icy roads.

The trick here is that the air is super dry out there -- relative humidities are in the 15-20% range around the area. Thus, there's no moisture to freeze onto your windshields or onto the roads.

We're looking at another cold night Saturday with temperatures in the teens and 20s -- but probably a few degrees warmer in the really cold spots from Friday night, yet a few degrees colder in the "warm" and breezy spots from Friday night, as the winds will die down through the day Saturday.