Ravers: Killer Was Stalking Them Before Shootings

Ravers: Killer Was Stalking Them Before Shootings
SEATTLE - Did the gunman in the Capitol Hill shootings that left seven dead Sunday morning intentionally target his victims? Monday, police said they believed Kyle Huff planned the attack, but now there's evidence Huff intentionally targeted ravers, and had been watching them.

Police say they have nothing solid in this arena, but KOMO 4 News has talked to many in the rave community who now say they believe Huff stalked them like a hunter in the months before the mass shootings here.

Huff posted an e-mail on a popular techno Web site saying: "I've never been to a rave...was wondering if anyone could tell me when one is coming up."

That was posted on Feb. 1.

Promoters we've talked to say they've pieced together several sightings of Huff at various raves. They now believe that e-mail was the start of Huff's deliberate plan to murder members of the rave community.

"I think that's even raised more questions in our community," said rave promoter Travis Webb. "Who contacted him and helped him get further in after that point? And can they help us understand what happened? If someone contacted Kyle Huff and told him how to find a rave what happened, what was he like, someone tell us because we want to know."

Police are asking the same questions: Who - if anyone - responded to Huff's e-mail? And why did Huff show interest in a music scene that seemed incompatible with his personality and his Montana roots?

"This certainly doesn't look like somebody that would be going to a rave or somebody that would be a murderer of course," said Huff's apartment manager Regina Gray.

Gray says the mild-mannered 28-year-old loved country music. He never talked about the Rave scene.

Ravers tell me they've seen Huff at a couple of dance parties -- one on Capitol Hill Friday night, just 36 hours before the shooting. Those at that party said Huff stood out because he wasn't wearing the traditional makeup, and barely mingled with others and made no effort to make friends.

Many ravers now believe his silence was deliberate.

"He intended to kill ravers from day one," Webb said.

Police believe Huff planned to kill many people. But he killed himself before he could tell anyone "why".

"What did we do as a culture to the rest of the world, for anyone in this society, to see us as something so low as animals that he could hunt?" Webb wondered.

At this point, police can't say that Huff intentionally targeted ravers. It's a question they're trying to answer, but they say Huff left behind nothing that would indicate motive.

And it's possible they may never know what triggered his rampage.