It's A Girl, A Boy, A Girl, A Girl, And A Girl!

It's A Girl, A Boy, A Girl, A Girl, And A Girl!
SEATTLE - Courtnee and Mike Stevenson of Poulsbo are all smiles Thursday morning as Courtney has delivered quintuplets at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

The four girls and a boy were successfully delivered via C-Section just after 9 a.m.

The day could not have come soon enough for Courtnee, who had been pregnant with quintuplets for 31 weeks.

"I can't wait! I'm relieved," she said before the C-Section Thursday morning. "It's tears of relief and joy."

There were so many tears of worry for Courtnee and Mike over the past few months after a tough decision to keep all the babies, and after a difficult pregnancy and weeks in the hospital.

But the Stevensons turned to their faith and to a hospital that's been preparing for this day for 6 weeks.

"It's not uncommon for the NICU here at Swedish to get 5 babies in one day -- just not in one fell swoop!" said nurse Charmaine Pekema. "But we have 5 all at once... we can do this, it just takes a little extra thought and energy -- and hands," added nurse Susan Hasty.

Then, the words Courtnee has been waiting for early Thursday morning:

"I think we'll be all set," said Dr. Tanya Sorneson, a perinatologist at Swedish Medical Center. "I think we're ready as long as Courtnee's ready."

"I was ready three weeks ago," Courtnee said.

So, with everyone ready, Courtnee was taken to the delivery room, leaving 3-year-old daughter Lilli to wait for her new brother and four new sisters.

Inside the delivery room were dozens of doctors and nurses; the staff working in teams -- one team for each baby.

First to be born was the biggest baby -- Aniston, who weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces. Then, things happened fast.

"It just went beautifully," Dr. Sorenson said. "The babies came out 3 in the first minute, then 2 in the second minute and they all came out. And they all cried and looked great right off the bat."

Here's the stats:

Aniston is 3 lbs, 12 oz.; Belle is 3 lbs, 3 oz.; Camilee is 2 lbs, 12 oz.; Scarlett is 3 lbs, 2 oz, and their brother Westin is 3 lbs even.

Aniston is the "oldest", first born at 9:17 a.m. Next were Westin and Belle, also with official 9:17 birth times. Camilee and Scarlett are the "baby" sisters at 9:18.

All were whisked to the neo-natal intensive care unit, where they will stay until they're big enough and healthy enough to go home.

"I just kept saying 'How many are out? How many are out?' " Courtnee said. "And before I knew it, they were all out in like 2 minutes."

"It's such a relief!"

Community Rallies Behind Family
By April Zepeda

While it took weeks for the hospital to plan the births of the Stevenson's quintuplets, it's been months of planning for the couple's home town of Poulsbo.

Early on, Mike and Courtnee Stevenson were made a promise: They could afford to have all five babies.

"I thought bringing babies into the world shouldn't be judged on what your finances are, but what your heart is. Do you love these kids? Do you want to bring them into the world?" asked church member and friend, Michael Weiss.

With a resounding YES! the couple and their daughter Lilli soon found out what it means to be part of a caring congregation and a generous community. Their church, New Life in Silverdale, formed teams and got to work raising money to build them a new house to replace their 900 square foot mobile home in Poulsbo.

The family will live a year rent free in a brand new house until it's finished.

So many people are signed up to make meals for the family, the Stevenson's could go a year without cooking.

"This huge community of people stepping in and helping out is going to be such a tremendous blessing and in the end, I think everyone will better for it," said Meal Coordinator, Beth Schinabech.

The quintuplets are Kitsap County's first. This expectant community is truly in awe.

"Taking care of one newborn is a big deal. Twins is like, I don't know. But five?" laughed Pastor Wes Davis. The New Life Church has been contacting big corporations for donations - but they still need more.

"We need onesies, we need blankets, we need sheets, we need cribs, Desitin, wipes..." rattled off Donations Coordinator, Renee Schroder.

The church is also raising money for a very large van, big enough to hold two adults, six children and all the strollers, diaper bags and supplies that go with them.

It's a long list. But so is the growing number of people who have signed up to watch over the babies in shifts day after day, month after month.

"We said, 'Mike and Courtnee you make your decision, but know this - you're not alone. If you decide to have these kids, we'll be there,' " said Davis.

When the Stevenson family comes home, they will return to a promise made, a promise kept.

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