Eat Lunch At Your Desk? Disinfect First!

Eat Lunch At Your Desk? Disinfect First!
SEATTLE - Do you ever eat lunch at your desk? Me, too. That's why a recent article on the WebMD site caught my eye. It talked about the downsides of eating while you work.

It's estimated that most workers eat at their desk a couple of times a week and that can lead to two problems - poor nutritional choices and food safety issues.

Let's face it, when you dine at your desk, you tend to ignore the food while you make phone calls, do e-mail, or surf the Web. That, the experts say, can lead to over-eating.

And then there's the issue of hygiene. Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, tells WebMD, "the desk, in terms of bacteria is 400 times more dirty than your toilet."

Now there's an appetizing thought! Have you ever turned over your computer keyboard to see how many crumbs fall out? I've done that around the KOMO newsroom. It's rather scary.

If you really must eat at your desk, do some disinfecting before you bring out the food. A paper towel won't cut it, professor Gerba says. You need to use disinfecting wipes.

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