And The Inaugural 'Schrammie' Goes To...

And The Inaugural 'Schrammie' Goes To...
SEATTLE - Well, there it is: "The Schrammie."

The Schrammie is meant to make a point.

I want to use it to underscore what I think are among the worst of bone-headed decision, and/or the most appalling of asinine behavior.

Which means that sometimes "The Schrammie" will be given with a smirk; sometimes with a smile.

But while there are many ways to take a "Schrammie", there's only one way to get one.

There was certainly no shortage of candidates for the first "Schrammie."

You gotta know that Tim Eyman was an obvious contender, but I figure he's so money hungry, he'd just put my bobble-headed self up for sale on eBay.

How about Howard "Gimme, gimme, gimme money for Key Arena" Schultz?

Maybe some other time.

President Bush?

I'm sure there will be a host of future opportunities to "do him the honor", after all he's still got 2 years left in office.

But of everyone I considered, I kept coming back to...

Lt. Ehren Watada, the soldier who says he shouldn't be sent to Iraq because he thinks it's an unlawful war.

Ehren Watada, who enlisted AFTER the invasion of Iraq, has decided that he's suddenly conscience stricken and because he doesn't agree with the war, he shouldn't have to fight in it.

Hey, I don't agree with the war.

I know LOTS of people who don't agree with the war.

Guess what?


Watada signed up. Watada has a duty to go.

Junior military officers don't make the call as to which wars get fought.

When the time comes, and if Watada refuses to deploy to Iraq, I hope he's court martialed and hauled off to prison.

And while he's there, he'll have "The Schrammie" to share his cell with him.

Take a bow, Watada: This "Schrammie's" for you.