KOMO Story On Inflammatory Breast Cancer Gets 10 Million Hits

KOMO Story On Inflammatory Breast Cancer Gets 10 Million Hits
SEATTLE - On May 7, KOMO 4 News' Michelle Esteban reported on a little-known type of breast cancer that is difficult to detect: inflammatory breast cancer.

Little did we know the impact the story would make.

In the weeks after the story aired, some people wrote an e-mail to their friends warning them about the cancer, and then urging them to watch the video of our 6 minute segment.

Those friends forwarded it on, and then those did the same. The e-mail spread like wildfire across the globe. It's even been posted as truth on popular Urban Legend sites such as Snopes.com, Urbanlegends.About.com, and www.truthorfiction.com

We've also seen hundreds of e-mails from people asking for more information, and we're told that IBC support groups have been getting a lot of people calling with questions.

As of Thursday morning, amazingly, the video has been accessed a total of 10 million times, and has helped shed light on the important subject to several news agencies across the nation and world.

We continue to hope the video helps provide important life-saving information and helps bring more awareness to a subject that not many people knew about.

To read Michelle's story and to view the video, go to our IBC site at www.komotv.com/ibc. We encourage you to e-mail the link to whoever you'd like, but please use the www.komotv.com/ibc link in your e-mail.