Sign That Credit Card

Sign That Credit Card
SEATTLE - You're at the checkout counter and decide to pay with plastic - either a credit or debit card - and the clerk asks to see your ID.

Is that allowed? It is here in Washington state. Lawmakers gave merchants the right to ask for picture ID as a way to crack down on fraud.

And what about this? Rather than sign your card you write "See ID" or "Ask for ID" on the back. This seems like a simple way to reduce you risk of credit card fraud.

You can write "See ID" on the card, but you still need to sign it. The credit card company rules are very clear about this. Just look at what is says on the back of the card - "not valid unless signed."

If the card is not signed, the rules from Visa and MasterCard say the clerk is required to ask you for picture ID and have you sign the card on the spot.

If the cardholder refuses to produce ID and sign the card, "the merchant has every right to say, 'well then, I'm sorry you're not going to be able to purchase that today,' " explains Rhonda Bentz, Vice President of Visa USA.

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