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Consumer Cracking the code on eggs Cracking the code on eggs(Video)
It doesn't matter which came first anymore, when you go to buy eggs in the supermarket, the eggs have clearly taken over! The choices seem endless and prices can vary widely. Consumer Reports looked into it and found that not all eggs are what they're cracked up to be.
Consumer Robocalls: Latest scheme in 'buy your house' offers Robocalls: Latest scheme in 'buy your house' offers (Video)
Most buyers in the local real estate market are looking for a place to live. But many house hunters are looking to make money as investors- and that can get tricky if you own the house they want to buy. Investors use public records and other means to find homeowners and entice them to sell for cash. The problem? Not all investors have your best interest in mind, and now there's a new scheme designed to get you to make the call.
Consumer Cheap phone service Cheap phone service(Video)
The average bill for phone, Internet and TV runs more than $150 a month, according to market research firm, the Mintel Group. One way to trim your costs is to cut the cord and switch to a phone service that delivers calls via the Internet. Consumer Reports recommends a phone service called Ooma.
Consumer Stolen smart phones a growing problem Stolen smart phones a growing problem(Video)
Smart phone thefts are way up. Based on a just-released survey Consumer Reports estimates the number of stolen phones nearly doubled in the past year to 3.1 million. And more than a million smart phones were lost and never recovered.
Consumer Is it really an allergy? How you can tell Is it really an allergy? How you can tell
Maybe it's watery eyes, stuffy nose, hives or itchy skin. Whatever they may be, your symptoms have you wondering if you're allergic to something. Finding out isn't all that difficult.