Don't fall for the driveway paving scam

Don't fall for the driveway paving scam
File photo: Flickr user Gregs Landscaping (CC License)
Driveway paving scammers are out there looking to rip you off.

In many cases, they just show up at the door saying they have leftover materials from another job in the neighborhood and they can give you a great price. They try to pressure you into saying yes on the spot.

Don't do it!

"Once they do the job, they've got their money, they leave and the job turns out to be not up to snuff," says Selena Davis with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. "The asphalt can be subpar, the driveway may not last and we can't find these guys. They've left town."

Davis says be sure to do your homework if you're having major work like a driveway asphalt job or a driveway patching job done.

"Call a number of registered contractors. Get a number of bids. Don't accept the first one from somebody who just shows up at your door."

Davis says check with the state before it's too late.

"Registration does not insure quality of work but it does insure that they are bonded and insured so should something go wrong with the job you have some recourse."

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