More scam 'family in trouble' e-mails making the rounds

More scam 'family in trouble' e-mails making the rounds
From the e-mail making the rounds you might assume it's impossible for Americans to visit London without getting robbed.

The bogus messages appear to be from a friend or family member on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network site.

The say they've been mugged and need you to wire money so they can pay the hotel bill or buy new airline tickets.

"I've received them," says Attorney General Rob McKenna. He knows about the scam, but many others don't.

"They think they do have a relative or friend who is over there and they might know the name of your mother, father, son or daughter because they've picked it up off of Facebook or they've hacked your e-mail account."

But McKenna says it's easy to spot the scam if you know what to look for.

"The dead giveaway is of course, the urgency of it. I need the money immediately and secondly the wire transfer. These scams always involve a request that you wire money to them because that money is as good as cash to them. It leaves your account and you cannot get it back."

These days you need to be skeptical of all email, especially any that asks for money. And don't trust an e-mail address. They are easy to fake.