FBI: Video Girl Barbie could become tool of pedophiles

FBI: Video Girl Barbie could become tool of pedophiles »Play Video
SEATTLE -- The FBI has issued a warning to law enforcement officials: watch out for Barbie.

The new Video Girl Barbie comes in with a built-in camera concealed in her necklace, and federal agents are concerned she may be used as a tool by pedophiles. Everything the doll's camera captures can be downloaded to a computer.

King County Sgt. John Urquhart believes the concern is legitimate.

"When we're doing a search warrant looking for media that a child pornographer may have used, we're going to have to put Barbie on the list just like any other cameras computers," he said.

The FBI said parents should know Video Girl Barbie is perfectly safe if used properly. Agents added their intent isn't to damage Mattel's sales. But they said they've seen cases of child porn subjects luring victims with Barbies, and using hidden cameras to produce pornography. And it's the packaged combination that raises concerns.

"Oh, that makes me sick," said mother Diane Ruddy-Boden. "I don't think that could possibly happen, but you don't know."

"It's probably a great selling point for kids, but something that a child pornographer could convert to his nefarious activities," said Urquhart.

Mattel could not be reached for comment.