Turn your unwanted gift cards into cash

Turn your unwanted gift cards into cash
So you got some gift cards as holiday presents and you don't want a few of them. You can sell them at sites such as plasticjungle.com, giftcards.com and cardpool.com and turn that unwanted plastic into cash.

"Basically you're mailing them the gift card, they cover the shipping and you get a check in the mail a few weeks later," says Kelli Grant, senior consumer reporter at SmartMoney.com.

So how much can you get from these sites?

"Generally if you're talking about a big mainstream retailer, lots of locations around the country and it's some place where a lot of people shop and want to shop, you're going to get up to 90 percent percent back. If it's a smaller retailer, maybe it's regional, most a lot of traction there, they you're talking maybe more along the lines of 50 to 60 percent."

Grant says if you plan to do this, shop around and find out what they're going to pay you up front.

"We tested a few different gift cards and found the value we got ranged from 50 percent up to 84 percent for the same gift card."

Before you accept an offer, make sure you know what if any charges are involved.

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