Wii gets kids moving, but no substitute for exercise

Wii gets kids moving, but no substitute for exercise
NEW YORK -- The Nintendo Wii was this year's super hot holiday gift item again. In fact, there's still a waiting for it. Parents like the Wii because the virtual sports games get kids moving. And that's good.

But according to a new study, all the extra activity doesn't really generate all that much exercise.

Researchers had 11 teenagers compare the Wii sports games with a more traditional racing game from the X-Box 360.

The teens wore monitoring devices to measure the amount of energy they burned during gaming.

"The Wii games did cause the kids to use about 50 per cent more calories than they did during the passive X-BOX 360," says ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson. "However, the researchers estimate this translates into just a 2 percent energy difference over the course of a week."

Here are the numbers.: An hour of Wii tennis will burn 180 calories, but an hour of real tennis requires nearly 80 per cent more energy, or 320 calories.

They're great games, just not a substitute for real life sports.

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