Phishing scammers claim to represent Wells-Fargo

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FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A large-scale scam is sweeping across Washington state, and the callers claim to represent Wells Fargo Bank.

Melissa Nelson says a suspicious call to her cell phone woke her up.

"I woke my husband up and said, 'Why is Wells Fargo calling me and letting me know my card is locked when I don't have an account with them?'" she said.

And Nelson wasn't alone. Her husband, relatives and friends also received automated calls.

So did Carol Myers and her husband, who bank with Wells Fargo.

"We could have lost a lot, because we have several accounts at Wells Fargo," Myers said. But they hung up before giving out account information that scammers were fishing for.

Wells Fargo says in the past several days, scammers called and texted thousands of numbers. The callers claimed the customer's bank card or debit card was in danger of being closed, or had already been closed and needed to enter the card number to reactivate.

"By the time you're done, they've got your pin, social security number and all sorts of information you don't want out there," Myers said.

The calls are coming at all hours of the day and night, instructing some customers to dial another number to confirm a larger-than-usual purchase.

Wells Fargo says consumers should never share their personal information - including their mother's maiden name, pins, passwords account and social security numbers - without prior verification from another source of who's requesting the information.

Wells Fargo says the automated messages aren't all the same, but all involve the consumer's account information being compromised.

Anyone who receives one of these calls should contact their bank immediately.