New tool to help evaluate your personal financial situation

New tool to help evaluate your personal financial situation
You'd think it would be obvious if someone is in financial trouble. But that's not always the case. And even if you know things aren't good -- you may not realize what's causing the problem?

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has a new online tool that will help you evaluate your personal situation. The foundation's Gail Cunningham says the tool is called MyMoneyCheckUp.

"We have found that people who think they have got their financial act together walk away from this tool with their eyes wide open," Cunningham said.

MyMoneyCheckUp asks you a series of questions about four areas of your financial life: Budgeting and credit management, savings and investing, retirement planning and managing home equity.

"And then not only will it define which areas you need some help in, it's going to give you some tips of what to do next," she said.

For the tool to evaluate your finances, you need to enter dollar amounts for certain things, such as your income, monthly mortgage payment and credit card debt. But you're never asked for account numbers and you aren't asked for your name, address or phone number.