There's still time to make a charitable donation for 2013

It's down to the wire, but you still have time to make some charitable contributions to help a good cause –and possibly lower your tax bill for 2013.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, a tax expert with TurboTax, runs down the rules.

"Cash must be received by December 31st to be eligible for the deduction,” she says. “If you mail a check, it must be mailed by the end of the year. With credit card donations, you can charge up until December 31, even if you don't pay the bill until 2014."

Only those who itemize, get the charitable tax deduction. But giving a little bit more before the end of the year might just push you over the line to where you can itemize.

"Some people are on the edge where they will only get the standard deduction, but by making these smart end of year tax moves, they may be able to itemize and get a larger deduction,” Greene-Lewis told me.

Remember, for any donation of $250 or more you will need a receipt, but it's always good to get one.

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