Foods to help you beat the heat

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PORTLAND, Ore. – In these extreme temperatures, people need to watch what they eat because some foods can actually keep them cool.

Dr. Miles Hassell, from Providence Integrative Medicine, said spicy foods such as peppers and hot salsa are good to eat in extreme temperatures because they cool the body by making people sweat.

Hassell also said making healthy food choices is wise when the temperature is 105 degrees. Eating foods such as avocado, black bean salad, fresh salsa, yogurt, almonds and foods with high amounts of water (such as watermelon and cucumber) would make people feel better.

Also, Hassell recommends people avoid foods with high amounts of fat and sugar, such as soda or fried foods.

But when people do not want to cook at home, they're looking for something convenient and quick, often at their health's expense.

“What we see in summertime is people not spending a lot of time cooking and it’s quite easy for people to live on junk food,” said Dr. Hassell. “We’re suggesting you temper the junk food with a lot of good food.”