Scammers sure to take advantage of census

Scammers sure to take advantage of census »Play Video
You can count on it -- scams related to the 2010 census. Here's what to watch out for.

- Fraudulent e-mail: The Census Bureau does not send out e-mail. So if you get an e-mail claiming to be from Census, it's bogus.

- Phone calls: Census workers do call some people. Before you answer any questions, call the Census office (886-226-2864) to verify that the caller is legit.

- Fraudulent survey forms: Paul Stephens, with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse says it's possible the bad guys could send out their own survey forms made to look like the real thing.

"If you happen to receive something in the mail claiming to be from Census that asks you questions such as financial information, passwords, Social Security numbers, anything like that - it is not a legitimate form," Stevens says.

What if someone knocks on your door? Census workers will make home visits but not until May. And they only come if you don't send in your form.

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