Worst-rated companies for customer service square off

Worst-rated companies for customer service square off
We've all had a bad experience with customer service or a complaint that just won't get resolved. Now you can sound off and express your frustration by voting for the "Worst Company in America" at a web site, called The Consumerist

All the companies in the running were picked by Consumerist readers. They include banks, retailers, tech firms and health insurance companies.

The voting is done in brackets just like the basketball playoffs.

For instance, visitors are asked which wireless company is the worse: AT&T or Verizon? Right now AT&T has many more votes.

In the battle of the tech giants visitors say Apple is worse than Microsoft

"People are just going off on these companies, and their dealings with them," said Ben Popkin, co-managing editor of the Consumerist. He says many people have already tried to get their problem solved and just can't get satisfaction.

Upset and frustrated, they seem eager to sound off.

"So I think that consumers are getting smarter, but they're also willing to go to greater lengths to make sure that they get a fair deal."

The Consumerist will crown a winner on April 26th

To cast your vote, click here.