What to do if you received two, or no census forms

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SEATTLE -- The Census Bureau is spending millions to get the census surveys returned by mail.

The goal is to avoid sending workers door-to-door, which will cost even more.

According to the Census Bureau Web site, so far there's only a 54% return rate nationwide. As of midday Friday, the return rate in Washington state was only 52 percent. But some consumers who have responded tell the Problem Solvers they're receiving additional surveys.

We've received a number of complaints from viewers who received duplicate surveys, so we contacted the Census Bureau for an explanation.

Representatives indicate pre-selected census tracts with historically low responses were targeted for duplicate forms, to increase the return rate and avoid expensive follow-ups in person.

The computer system will automatically kick out any duplicates returned.

Other people have the opposite problem, and are not receiving a census form because they use a post office box .

The Census Bureau says the forms are only sent to physical addresses. If there's no record of your street address, you'll be contacted in person, or wait until April 12th and call the help line to request a form be sent to your address.

As for those who still have their forms but have not responded, you still have a couple of weeks to get them in before your name goes on the list to get a personal visit.

The Census Bureau says many forms have still not been delivered to some homes. If you have not received a census form by April 12, contact a toll free help line at one of the numbers provided on the Census 2010 website.

More information: 2010.census.gov