Best picks for backpacks for kids

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Backpacks come in different sizes and materials, but which are most durable?

We know that kids use and abuse backpacks by pulling them and pushing them off the school bus, dragging them on the sidewalk and stuffing them into their lockers. Kids stuff their backpacks so we wanted to look at storage capacity and organizational elements for cell phones, pens, pencils and water bottles.

In the labs at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, textiles director Kathleen Huddy evaluated 32 backpacks from 17 manufacturers to see which ones held up the best.

"While many of the bags performed well, the best value for the younger children was the Lands End Light-Weight 200. And for the older children, it was the High Sierra Fat Boy," said Huddy.

Here's one other important tip to keep in mind when buying a backpack for your child: parents need to make sure that the backpack fits properly by resting on the child's lower back and not up on the child's shoulders.

Be sure to factor in your child's needs before buying the right backpack for this school year.

Best backpacks for kids