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Consumer It's time to cut back on added sugar It's time to cut back on added sugar
Chances are you eat way too much added sugar. Most Americans do. And that's a big problem because sugar does more than cause cavities and pack on the pounds. The latest research shows that added sugar can make you sick.
Consumer Free park passes for kids Free park passes for kids
There are 408 national parks in this country, not to mention federal wilderness refuges, forests and marine sanctuaries. If you have a fourth-grader in your family, they can get a free pass to visit all of these sites for an entire year.
Consumer Top tick repellents Top tick repellents (Video)
You may think your risk of getting Lyme disease ends when the weather starts to cool, but by fall, adult ticks have had more time to become infected with disease-causing bacteria. In some areas, up to 50 percent of ticks can be infected with diseases such as Lyme, compared with only 20 percent in the summer. Consumer Reports tells you how to protect yourself.
Consumer Disabled driver finds frustration in state's new placard law Disabled driver finds frustration in state's new placard law (Video)
A local woman says the state's new disabled parking law may cut down on fraud- but getting her new placard has been a real pain. As of July 1, 2015 you need a signed prescripition to get a disabled parking placard. Jessi Mollman had no idea and she's been trying for nearly a month to get her placard renewed.
Consumer Time to cut back on outdoor watering Time to cut back on outdoor watering
Yes, we've had some rain, on and off the last few weeks, but people in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett are being asked to continue reducing their water use by 10 percent. The recent rainfall was not enough to return water supplies to normal levels.
Consumer Saving with student discounts Saving with student discounts (Video)
The end of summer marks one of the most feverish periods of shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $68 billion this year on back-to-school necessities. Consumer Reports finds that college students can get significant savings by taking advantage of discounts that are available.