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Consumer Getting rid of lice safely Getting rid of lice safely (Video)
Americans spent 130 million dollars on treatments for head lice last year. Lice is a problem that affects as many as 12 million school children annually.
Consumer Time to reboot your wall outlets? Time to reboot your wall outlets?
It’s becoming a common problem these days. As we bring more electronic gadgets into our homes, we often find ourselves running out of outlet space to charge them all.
Consumer What to buy at Walmart What to buy at Walmart
Think shopping at Walmart is a bright idea? Consumer Reports' tests show it could be, if you're in the market for LED lightbulbs. LEDs are usually very expensive, but after 3,000 hours of testing, Consumer Reports found several from Walmart that are cheap and really good, including the Great Value 60-watt equivalent, A19. Use it 3 hours per day, and it should last about 22 years. Not bad for $10. Several Great Value floodlights are also a good bargain.
Consumer BetterStrainer: Does it work? BetterStrainer: Does it work? (Video)
One of the latest gadgets promising to make your life easier is an expandable strainer that sells for less than ten dollars. It's called BetterStrainer- billed as "the one compact strainer that fits all your pots and pans". But is it any better than the strainers you already have?
Consumer Healthy cereals that taste good Healthy cereals that taste good (Video)
Cereal is a staple in 91 percent of American households. Most eat it for breakfast, but 11 percent have cereal for dinner, according to the market research company Mintel. Consumer Reports hunted down the most nutritious cereals that are also tasty.