Affordable Care Act resources

Affordable Care Act resources
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It's showtime for the Affordable Care Act. The centerpiece of the health care reform law is the new online marketplace, often referred to as "the exchange" which opens October 1. 

This is a completely new way for someone without insurance to shop for coverage.

A lot of people are confused about all this and for good reason - this is complex and complicated. But the information you need is out there and help is available to guide you through the process.

These links should get you started.

Washington has its own health care exchange. You can access all the information you need about the various policy options and prices here.

You can talk to someone from the Exchange (in various languages) by calling toll-free: 855-923-4633

You can find out about coverage options for Washington state residents and get answers to popular questions about Medicare and the Exchange on the State Insurance Commissioner's website.

The federal health care exchange, for states that don't have their own place is found at here. It is packed with useful information.

Consumer Reports just launched a new web tool to help you navigate the Affordable Care act. Just go to  for information in English and Spanish.

The editors at Consumer Reports have also prepared detailed information: What the Accordable Care Act means to you and you family.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has a subsidy calculator on its site that lets you calculate the tax credit subsidies you may qualify for that will lower you monthly premium if you shop through the Exchange.

You can get help on the phone by calling the Washington State Health Exchange at (855) 923-4633.

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