Lower your electric bills with 'green' Christmas lights

Lower your electric bills with 'green' Christmas lights

Christmas lights are going up all around the sound. Do you still have those old-fashioned incandescent lights?

Maybe this is the year to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights. They use 90 percent less electricity than traditional bulbs.

"Switching is fantastic because you get 100 of the joy with 10 percent of the energy use,” said Andy Wappler with Puget Sound Energy.

Wappler ran the numbers for us. For this example, he assumed you really like to light up the place and have 1,000 bulbs. How much electicity would you save if you replaced a thousand incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

"You could save $120 in a month,” Wappler said. “In fact, these bulbs are so efficient (in terms of their electricity), that if you use them the first year, you've paid for the bulbs. Every year after that, it's free.”

Because LEDs use less electricity, you can safely string together more lights without worrying about overloading the circuit.

LED lights can get warm if left on for a long time, but they won't get hot like traditional bulbs. That makes them safer to use indoors.

And they're super long-lasting – a good LED should last about 20,000 hours.

“That's a lot of holidays,” Wappler said.

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